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Industria Textil del Pacífico is a leading company in the textile and clothing sector. 29 years make us the best BA

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Spinning, Knitting, Dyeing (yarn and fabric), Screen, all over digital and sublimation printing, Cutting, Sewing, Garment wash, Finishing and Packing

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Performance Features in different fabric blends: wicking, antibacterial, soil release, wrinkle free, UV protection, water resistance, trans dry, storm cotton, liquid cotton, liquid stretch, cold black, quick dry, coolmax.

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Strategic alliances


Industria Textil del Pacífico and Texfina form a vertically integrated textile and apparel company with more than 80 years of combined experience, dedicated to the manufacture of garments made of cotton knitwear and blend of natural and synthetic fibers.
This strategic alliance determines a unified corporate architecture that allows our customers to benefit from a single integrated manufacturing cycle: spinning, weaving, dyeing, cutting, sewing and finishing our garments.



The objectives set out in our company are aligned with the full satisfaction of our customers, we are committed to excellence in the quality of the products we deliver, which requires us to be at the technological forefront in each of our production processes, Monitoring and quality certification.
Our Quality Assurance System is based on the inspection of our products in all stages of production: spinning, weaving, dyeing, cutting, sewing and finishing.
We have a state-of-the-art Integrated Production and Textile Administration System, which provides us with the real-time traceability of our products, capacity levels and management indicators that allow us to apply our contingency plans in time for any inconvenience in the Production cycle.

Social Compliance


Social Responsibility and the Environment

Our production is committed to be socially responsible in its business practices by adhering to the “WRAP” production principles. Bureau Veritas Social Compliance, July 2012.
WRAP Certified since 2004 to date. Certification number 7448.
Human Rights and C-TPAT Programs are part of our work philosophy; these practices are reviewed by Customers and Agents periodically.

About the company

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¡About us!

Textil Pacífico

Industria Textil del Pacífico is a leading company in the textile and clothing sector. We are a company that is dedicated to the manufacture of knitted garments, where pima cotton and Peruvian tangüis areour main materials, as well as different types of mixtures such as pima-modal, viscose, polyester, nylon, etc.

Textil Pacífico

Our company was founded in 1989, after more than 32 years of experience in the market, INDUSTRIA TEXTIL DEL PACIFICO has managed to position itself strategically in the "Top Ten" of textile and clothing companies in Peru, exporting directly to important customers of Different countries in the world, being our main market American and European.
We are distinguished by the quality of our garments, due to the high quality standards during the process, which is the result of our exhaustive in-process audit controls, state-of-the-art technology and our culture of constant innovation and flexibility.


To be recognized by our clients as a leading company in the fashion industry, committed to the growth of our collaborators and society for the development of our best quality standards.


Being a strategic partner of our clients, with high performance in product and service quality. Meeting delivery time, within a culture of flexibility and constant innovation.

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We have certificates, regulations and
audits by our customers
■ Industria Textil del Pacífico is a company dedicated to the manufacture of textile garments for ladies, gentlemen and children, which is committed to developing the best human, ethical and legal working conditions, which is why it decided to undertake the challenge of WRAP certification.
■ The WRAP Certification Program is based on 12 Principles of Production focused on compliance with local laws, workplace regulations, universal workers' rights, the environment, customs compliance and safety. Our company demonstrated the proper adoption, implementation and monitoring of these principles.
■ Prohibition of forced labor, Prohibition of child labor, Prohibition of harassment or abuse, Compensation and benefits.
■ Working day, Prohibition of discrimination, Health and safety, Freedom of association and collective bargaining.
■ Environment, Customs Compliance, Safety Industry.
■ JC Penney Certification For Self Audit
■ Under Armor (Social Responsibility Audits)
■ Vf Corporation (Social Responsibility Audits)
■ Oakley (Social Responsibility Audits)
■ GFSI INC. (Social Responsability Audits)
■ GAP INC. (Social Responsability Audits)

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Tel: (511) 336 8174
Fax : (511) 336-5047:

Central office: Av. Guillermo Dansey N° 1873, Lima 01 – Perú.
Sub office 1 : Av Oscar R. Benavides N° 1560 (ex colonial), Lima 01 – Perú.
Sub office 2 : Calle Uno N°186 URB. Bocanegra; Callao, Lima 01 – Perú.